10 Must-Read Online Marketing Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

By Brittany Berger, August 12, 2013
"No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance." - Confucius

We can all agree that Confucius knows a thing or two, right? Reading is important. It's why we had mandatory reading, even over the summer, in school. It's why we had to spend practically every last dime we had on textbooks in college.

One of the best reasons to read is to learn.

That's one of my favorite things about blogs. You can find information (that's hopefully reputable) on anything under the sun. And it's even free! Blogs used to have a bad rap, but most people, especially marketers, have come to see the value.

But it's important to always be reading, especially in an industry that changes as quickly as online marketing does. We all know the big guys to read over our morning coffee, like HubSpot, MarketingProfs, Copyblogger, and the other blogs in AdAge's Power 150.

But being a well-read and informed marketer means getting your information from a variety of sources. Plus, there are so many amazing blogs out there that you'll want to read as many as you can.

When I find something awesome, I want to share. So today I'm sharing some of my favorite online marketing blogs that you should definitely read. None of these are in AdAge's top 150 blogs, though many are well-known and appear further down on the list. Many are also brought to you from marketing companies you've heard of, but you may not be a regular reader of their blog. But if they're on this list, you should be.

Check these blogs out, follow them on social media, add them to your RSS reader, and enjoy the great content:

Update: the response to this post was so amazing, we made a list of social media marketing blogs, too!

(Listed in alphabetical order)

1. BoostSuite

BoostSuite is a tool that helps small business marketers optimize their business's website by giving them a report card with suggestions for improvements. Focusing on how businesses can improve their websites, the blog posts are helpful for businesses of any size. We discovered them through a great infographic that we loved so much we shared it on our own blog.

Recent posts we loved:

2. Brafton

Brafton is a marketing company that has an entire content marketing department, so they definitely know a thing or two about writing good blog posts. While the blog focuses on content marketing and social media, they touch on lots of other topics, like video and mobile.

Recent posts we loved:

3. Constant Contact

While Constant Contact is primarily an email marketing company, their posts can help you with all areas of your marketing strategy. Their posts also get pretty fun, touching on hot topics and giving you the lowdown on marketing news.

Recent posts we loved:

4. Inkling Media

Inkling is run by social media and inbound marketing consultant Ken Mueller, but once again, here's someone who blogs about more than what they do. There are posts ranging from visual marketing to customer service to general business. He also shares fun experiences during "The Friday Blogging Experience."

Recent posts we loved:

5. KISSmetrics

I'm sure you've all heard of KISSmetrics, the great web analytics software. Their blog has a ton of great posts about numbers, statistics, and analytics. They offer cover copywriting, blogging, social media, and pretty much anything that marketers need to know. The best thing is that most blog posts are very in-depth, so they give you as much info as a few posts on another blog would.

Recent posts we loved:

6. Marketo

Marketo is one of the biggest marketing automation companies out there. They offer services for inbound marketing, email marketing, social media, website monitoring, and more, and they blog about it all. They createamazing infographics and get really creative with their posts, making their blog funny and lighthearted while still being super informative.

Recent posts we loved:

7. Online Marketing Institute

I only discovered Online Marketing Institute's blog recently, and for that I have regrets. I think I spent a whole night going through their old posts. The Online Marketing Institute offers classes, certificates, and team training for digital marketing, so we don't just know that they can do this stuff well, we know that they can teach and explain it well.

Recent posts we loved:

8. Unbounce

Unbounce is a tool that's all about landing pages - creating them, optimizing them, and converting with them. But let's think about what types of online marketing need landing pages…oh that's right, pretty much all of them. Their blog has a big focus on landing pages but goes beyond them to help you improve all facets of your strategy.

Recent posts we loved:

9. VerticalResponse

If you caught our last blog post, you know we're very in love with the people over at VerticalResponse. Why wouldn't we be? They're really likeable. They offer everything from social media marketing to event marketing and direct mail postcards, and their blog topics are as varied as their marketing products.

Recent posts we loved:

10. Vocus

Vocus, another one of our favorite marketing companies, covers integrated marketing and public relations on their blog, and covers it well. One of my favorite things they do on their blog is publish blog posts to correspond to their frequent webinars. They sometimes put out a post before a webinar relating to the topic, but the most helpful part comes in when the webinar's guest speaker writes a guest post afterwards summarizing it, and answers questions they didn't get to during the Q&A!

Recent posts we loved:

In the coming weeks, we'll be posting similar lists but for more specific areas of online marketing, like email, social, and content marketing. We know your opinions are just as (if not more!) important than ours, so suggest a favorite blog or two in the comments or tweet them to @eZangaInc!

What are your go-to marketing blogs? What makes you read them as opposed to a different one out there with similar information? Share your favorites in the comments!
Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger is a Freelance B2B Content Writer. Previously, she was eZanga's Digital Content Supervisor. She likes her media social, her relations public, and her content marketed. On any given day, there's a good chance you'll find her reading, writing, or Netflixing (yes, it's a verb). More Articles by Brittany Berger