14 Tools to Streamline Your Content Curation

By Melissa Duko, March 07, 2018

76% of marketers share curated content on social media. Curated content increases brand visibility and audience engagement, but curating that content can be daunting.

Content curation is a time-consuming task. It requires searching for the freshest, most relevant content, while avoiding fake news. It’s also easy to fall down the rabbit hole and lose hours gathering content. And for most marketers, they can’t afford to waste time; content curation is just one aspect of their job. So, how do they balance it all?

By streamlining their content curation. Make your content curation more efficient by using one or more of these tools.  

1. Feedly

Every morning, the first tool I open is Feedly. It houses all of my go-to news sites and blogs that I use for research and content curation. I can skim through headlines, read previews, click to read the full article, and even share to social.


Source: Feedly

For those who love organization, Feedly makes it easy to categorize your content, too. I have tabs for grammar, entrepreneurship, marketing, entertainment, etc.

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Pricing ranges from free (Basic) to $18 per month (Team).

2. Buzzsumo

Not only can you search for content that’s trending on Buzzsumo, you can also analyze that content’s social shares and backlinks to see how it’s resonating with audiences.   

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Source: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo’s plans include $99 per month (Pro), $299 per month (Agency), and $699 per month (Enterprise).

3. Quuu 

Quuu offers hand-curated content suggestions based on the categories you select. Once you pick your “interest categories,” select how many suggestions you’d like to send to your social profiles (e.g. Buffer or HubSpot).

Quuu can then handle everything or you can manually approve suggestions yourself.


Source: Quuu

Pricing ranges from free to $30 a month.

4. Klout

Similar to Buzzsumo, Klout also suggests content, plus it tracks retweets, shares, and likes. Using the Klout Score (0 to 100), Klout aggregates a user’s performance across social networks.


Source: Klout

Pricing for Klout is available upon request.

5. ContentGems

ContentGems offers to “automagically” find relevant and timely content. Users have access to a massive database of sources that can be customized using keywords and filter settings. Sounds like magic to us.


Source: ContentGems

Plans range from free to $199 a month.

6. Flockler 

Flockler is designed to bring all of your content into one place. Not only can you curate content, you can also publish and keep tabs on performance, too.


Source: Flockler

Since Flockler is a UK product, pricing is in British pounds. Packages range from $49 (Lite) to $499 per month (Premium). Sounds like something worth crossing the pond for.

7. Pressly 

Pressly works to streamline your content curation by centralizing, distributing, and optimizing your content across all of your social channels.

Handy features include drag and drop newsletters, one-click social sharing, and embeddable widgets so your content can connect directly to your hubs.


Source: Pressly

Schedule a demo for details and pricing.

8. DrumUp 

DrumUp uses algorithms to recommend relevant fresh stories in real-time. It also allows you to add multiple social media accounts so you can monitor them all in one place.


Source: DrumUp

DrumUp offers free trials, and pricing is available upon request.

9. Pocket

How many times have you come across an article you want to read, but don’t have time? You end up forgetting to go back and read it, or you have an unruly list of hyperlinks chilling in your Gmail Drafts folder. With Pocket, you can keep tabs literally on all of your articles.

Pocket can save from anywhere, including your browser and over 800 apps.


Source: Pocket

For basic content curation, you can’t go wrong with the free version. But if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, the premium version ($44.99 per year) offers an ad-free experience plus the opportunity to make your list a permanent resource.  

10. Curata

Big name brands (e.g. JPMorgan, CISCO) use Curata to keep their content reservoirs full. Curata’s self-learning engine adapts to your content preferences, ensuring relevant content is always delivered to you. And with just a few clicks, you can organize it and promote it to your social channels.  

Source: Curata

For pricing, you’ll need to book a demo.

11. Trapit

Trapit’s use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) gives them an edge in helping users find news and trends their audience craves.


Source: Trapit

Request a demo for pricing and other details.

12. Scoop.it!

Grow your online presence by publishing curated content with Scoop.it! Using your chosen keywords, you can discover and curate content that fits your specific needs.


Source: Scoop.it!

Join for free, or select a paid version like Pro Annual ($11) or Business Annual ($33).

13. memit

With just one click, memit allows you to save, tag, and share content within the cloud service you’re already using. Talk about sweet integration.


Source: memit

It’s a free service, so give it a try.

14. ThingLink

ThingLink takes content curation to the next level by allowing you to add links and visuals to your curated content. Imagine the possibilities!


Source: ThingLink

Plans range from free (Basic) to $125 per month (Premium). There is even VIP Services, which is a custom quote.


With so many content curation tools out there, it can be hard to pick. Take some time to try a few out and see which one(s) work best for you. 

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Melissa Duko

Melissa Duko

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