4 Reasons Why You Need to Join in on Twitter Chats

By Alexa Matia, May 04, 2017

Social media is great for building both your personal and professional network, but Twitter is one of the best social media sites for starting a conversation. It’s less about sharing super long articles or albums of photos, and more about who can say the most in only 140 short characters. 


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Twitter chats are all about honing in on these conversations. Usually hosted by a single person or group, Twitter chats have a dedicated hashtag that allows all users to follow along and discuss predetermined topics within a set amount of time.

Whether you’re a salesperson, marketer, or business person, these chats can help you make a name for yourself and gain a ton of new, active connections. Here are just a few reasons why you need Twitter chats in your life.

1. You'll Learn More About Your Interests

Twitter chats can be about broad or niche topics. The topics of discussion vary from week to week and feature a gathering of experts on that topic.

Essentially, people come to see what other people think, kind of like a small, virtual meeting of the minds.

You can join to solidify your status as an industry expert, or you can listen in on topics you’re interested in, but don’t know much about. No matter what your level of expertise or your learning goals, there’s probably a Twitter chat for you.

2. You Can Find New Ideas and Solutions

Sometimes, it can be easy to get stuck in a cycle or a rut. You’re used to doing things a certain way because that’s what you know. Twitter chats can help you get the inside scoop on the latest news and ideas.

Consistently chatting with others in your industry about fresh ideas or issues can help you expand your knowledge to new solutions and thought processes that might not have crossed your mind otherwise. There are so many different types of people joining in from all over, you’re bound to come across new ideas or views.

You’ll also get a mix of views with Twitter chats. While one user might have one viewpoint, another user might have a different opinion within the chat. So, instead of just finding the information you need in a blog post or article, where you’re only getting the author’s viewpoint, Twitter chats let you find multiple viewpoints in one place. And you can start a conversation about them with those users, too.

3. You'll Build a Network of Relevant Followers

Twitter users that consistently participate in the same Twitter chats each week are most likely always active on Twitter. And if they’re returning to the same chats you are, they probably have similar interests to you, too.

Participating in Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry not only let you meet like-minded users, but you’ll also have the opportunity to naturally start a conversation and network with them.

And great conversations can open the door to even more, because you could meet anyone from fellow industry leaders to potential new customers in a Twitter chat.

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Once you start to build your following, you’ll want to make sure you organize your new followers into lists based on their interests or the chats you met them in. This’ll make it easier to follow up with everyone you’ve met and continue building relationships outside of Twitter chats.


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4. You'll Get to Build Exposure With Your Expertise

In the day-to-day events of life, not many people like a know-it-all. Most people don’t like unsolicited advice or information shoved down their throats.

Twitter chats give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skill. While in some cases you might go to Twitter chats to learn about a topic, in other cases, you can be the expert that others are learning from.

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Consistently showcasing yourself as an expert in a Twitter chat can help you gain lots of exposure that will help you out down the road, no matter what your industry is.


Joining a Twitter chat has its benefits, but remember you can’t just show up and expect to see immediate results or boosts to your profile. Make sure you’re following some best practices when you’re participating.

Don’t Use Threaded Replies. Twitter chats move fast, and no one has time to read your string of replies to a single question. Plus, doing that means you don’t have time to read and engage with other responses before the chat moves on to the next question. Make your answers short and thoughtful, and keep the word vomit to a minimum.  

Chat With Other Users. Along with not wasting time posting threaded replies, don’t just answer the host’s questions. Engage with other users who are also answering the host. Twitter chats aren’t a Q&A. They’re meant to start conversations within a group of people.

Attend Chats Regularly. If your Twitter handle is popping up week after week, people (and the hosts) will start to notice. And when other people start to notice you, it’s a lot easier to build a name for yourself and start laying the foundation as an expert in your industry.

Follow the Chat Rules. Generally there are rules that go along with Twitter chats. Usually, you have to use the specified hashtag and answer questions with the correct number (e.g. A1 answers Q1, A2 answers Q2, and so on). Trolling usually isn’t allowed either, so be nice and don’t pick any fights, even if you disagree. 


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Don’t Hold Back. Don’t be afraid to jump in on a topic if you have a question or an answer. The floor is always open for you in a Twitter chat. And what you’ll get out of one ultimately depends on what you put into it. No one will know you’ve joined a chat if you don’t participate. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share your knowledge or provoke more conversation. It’ll pay off in the long run. 

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