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Introduction to Twitter Lists

By Jade Hammond, April 29, 2013

My personal Twitter account doesn't necessarily have a large network, I follow a mere 314 users. Yet I'm still overwhelmed with content as I scroll through my stream throughout the day.

The Dos and Don'ts of Retargeting Campaigns

By Jill Kemenosh, April 24, 2013

A few weeks ago, we defined and explained the different types of retargeting. By the end of the post, you hopefully understood the different ways you can re-engage your website's visitors and the best situations for using each. In case you forgot:

The Ingredients to Tasty Search Engine Optimization [Infographic]

By Jade Hammond, April 22, 2013

Search engine optimization is a process that needs to be handled with care, much like grilling up a large, tasty, succulent burger. (Tweet this)

You will reap the benefits of SEO if you take the time to gather all the right ingredients, let it marinate, and cook it to perfection. On the flip side, SEO can be overdone and cooked completely wrong.

Grouped In: 5 Tips for Networking in LinkedIn Groups

By Brittany Berger, April 19, 2013

Are you in any LinkedIn Groups? If you answered 'No,' or 'Yes, but I don't really participate,' then it's time for a change.

25 Marketing Quotes to Inspire

By Brittany Berger, April 17, 2013

As marketers, we spend a lot of time reading. We read marketing blogs, books, case studies, whitepapers... we read a lot of stuff. We read most of this content hoping that we'll find some information that can directly impact our marketing strategy, perhaps a new idea to look further into or an important piece of news that impacts the industry.

Introduction to Retargeting and Types of Retargeting

By Jill Kemenosh, April 12, 2013

So you've done everything right to get people to your web page, but then what? Are they interested enough to continue to browse for more information, or even make a purchase if that's the ultimate goal? This is whereretargeting makes a valiant appearance to save the day (or at the very least, reengages your customer's attention). Like any online marketing effort, if done correctly, retargeting can be extremely beneficial and cost effective. If not, you can annoy users, which not only wastes...

Measure Mobile ROI With Place Visit Rate

By Brittany Berger, April 08, 2013

We're kind of wishing we had a pool going on guessing how many things from our prediction posts will come true in 2013. This is partly because of PlaceIQ, a "next-gen location intelligence" start-up. They're bringing more than one of our mobile marketing predictions to fruition with a new mobile advertising metric called Place Visit Rate.

4 Apps for More Productive Professional Networking Events

By Jade Hammond, April 05, 2013

What You Need to Know About the Chameleon Botnet

By Catrina Sharp, April 03, 2013

If you spend any time on technology and advertising blogs, then you've probably heard people talking about a certain chameleon more than usual. No, they're not talking about a lizard video that went viral (although YouTube does have some awesome videos of them, real or not).