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Feeling Capital for DC Tech Day

By Brittany Berger, September 30, 2014

D.C. isn't just the nation's capital. If we leave it up to NYC DevShop, it'll be the next startup capital. Move over, Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley. What will D.C.'s startup nickname be?

4 Fantastic Ways to Avoid Annoying Retargeting

By Caroline Moore, September 29, 2014

Retargeting is an awesome way to make sure that visitors who don’t initially convert on your website remain aware of your brand and ultimately return to your website. But how do you keep your retargeting campaign from being like those incessant bugs that continuously buzz in your ear until you slap them away?

4 To-Do List Methods to Increase Your Productivity

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 26, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you probably get an overwhelming sense of relief when you can finally check something off your ever-growing list of responsibilities. I write lists for every aspect of my life. From packing for a trip, to my workout routine, and most importantly, my day-to-day tasks here at eZanga.

Top 10 Tips for Running a Productive Meeting

By Michelle Brammer, September 24, 2014

You’re busy, I get it. Trying to find the perfect work/life balance is toug. While tools like IFTTT or marketing automation can help restore balance, unfortunately there’s no tool or magic stick to replace the dreaded meeting.

Work/Life Balance for Young Professionals Is Actually Possible

By Brittany Berger, September 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, we talked about work/life balance for executives. Their responses, things like working at home close to your family, aren’t something anyone can do. Especially those of us who are just starting to build our careers.

4 PPC "Truths" That Are Actually False

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 19, 2014

If you’re going to use paid search, you want to do it right. But does paid search work? There are a ton of lies out there in cyberspace about PPC advertising, so it can be overwhelming to decide, to say the least.

Welcome to Our Fall 2014 Interns!

By Michelle Brammer, September 18, 2014

Ahhh, fall. One of my favorite times of year. The hot summer days fall into peaceful, crisp fall nights with s’mores cooked on the campfire and plenty of college football. At eZanga, fall also ushers in a few new interns, eager to gain creditable work experience in a field they're grooming themselves for.

5 Difficult Clients We've All Had to Deal With

By Michelle Brammer, September 17, 2014

Clients make businesses successful and rewarding, but can be unbearably unforgiving. Whether you’re the CEO, an administrative assistant, or somewhere in between, chances are you have dealt with a difficult client or two.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Superhero [Infographic]

By Brittany Berger, September 15, 2014

You know how to sell. You’re good at networking and marketing, too. Affiliate marketing may seem like the perfect way to make money, given your skills.

The C-Level’s Recipe for Work-Life Balance

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 12, 2014

Add a dash of relaxation, and a pinch of hard work, and that should be the perfect recipe for balancing work and home, right? Wrong! With a growing family, a social life, and a full-time job, it can be hard for anyone to find the perfect balance between work and home.

Intern Manifesto: What Sam's Internship Was Like

By Samantha Selby, September 11, 2014

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a summer for me at eZanga, and the best way for me to explain it would have to be with lyrics from Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure. Sometimes, you just feel the pressure of feeling like a real employee here.

eZanga Wing Bowl 2014

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 09, 2014

It’s no secret we love to eat hard at eZanga, and we’re all competitive sports fans. So how does eZanga celebrate the official start to pro football season? By bringing back eZanga’s Wing Bowl, of course! This year’s match-up: the Fowl Mouths vs. the Wing Men.

How Co-Marketing and Third-Party APIs Can Boost Your Digital Impact

By Kristen Gramigna, September 08, 2014

Co-marketing can connect your brand with new audiences you may never otherwise reach. And it'll be a fraction of what you might invest in traditional marketing tactics executed with the same intent, especially when you piggyback on brands who open their mobile app APIs (application programming interfaces) to third parties for mutually beneficial co-marketing relationships. Here are just a few of the advantages co-marketing (by way of APIs) can offer your brand.

Top 6 LinkedIn Groups for PPC Marketers

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 05, 2014

eZanga’s sales team prides itself on the fact that we build solid relationships with our clients. We believe the sale is secondary; we want to create a relationship with our customers. One great way to build those relationships prior to a sales call is to research potential clients to see if we’d be a good fit for their business.

Bazinga! A Prank-Filled Send-Off for the Interns

By Megan Ingenbrandt, September 04, 2014
It’s no secret that we love a good prank war here at eZanga, and when our interns casually mentioned that they hadn’t been pranked yet, their voices filled with hope, we knew it was ON! Whether it was a classic frogging, the much-coveted balloon pit, or a cringeworthy Bieber man-cave, these interns totally got pwned.

Bieber Birthday

Justin was the only intern who would be in the office on his birthday, so we had to commemorate this joyous occasion in true eZanga fashion. What you may not...

What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

By Colleen Eakins, September 03, 2014

If you're using personal branding as a marketing strategy or to find a job, you need a headshot. Don’t know what a headshot is? A headshot is a (usually) professionally shot portrait photograph that's used for promotional purposes.