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4 PPC Tools to Jump-Start Your Campaigns

By Megan Ingenbrandt, February 27, 2015

So you’ve decided to add pay per click into your advertising strategy, but you aren’t quite sure what to do next. You may not know what to do, but you do know that you want to do it right.

How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score [Infographic]

By Michelle Brammer, February 25, 2015

As a PPC marketer, Google’s Quality Score is a metric you love to hate. Think about it. Having a strong quality score (the average score is 5) not only defines the quality of your ad, but impacts so many other parts of your campaign. A higher quality score can get you:

How to Boost Your Credibility as a Young Professional

By Megan Ingenbrandt, February 23, 2015

As anyone fresh out of college will tell you, it’s hard to get a job in today’s market. But what’s even harder? Proving that you deserved to land the gig. As a young professional, your youth can work against you.

It’s important to understand how this happens and what you can do about it.

To earn credibility, you have to first understand what it is. The dictionary lists it as “the quality of being believed or accepted as true, real, or honest.”

So how can you become that “real, true, and...

How to Take Your AdWords Data Further With Google Analytics

By Ashleigh Betvardeh, February 20, 2015

Google Analytics has changed the way digital marketing is measured. Google Analytics is to AdWords what butter is to bread. It makes it better and easier to take in.

How to Recognize and Prevent Burnout at Work

By Shannon Sysko, February 16, 2015

I know you’re thinking burnout is no big deal. That it’s the norm today and “I’m just stressed, it’s fine.” But maybe you’re not.

How Strong Message Match Can Save Your Bounce Rate

By Michelle Bizzell, February 13, 2015

When someone clicks on your ad, they begin a journey to becoming your customer. But ads don’t lead to homepages anymore. They (should) lead to landing pages. And landing pages are about conversions.

You want them to fill out a form for a free trial, sign up for an email list, or make a purchase. What you don’t want is for them to leave. You want to your bounce rate to be as low as possible. Ideally, this will increase your conversions, too. Sounds like a win-win.

We’ve talked about landing...

Can Twitter Improve Your Career? Using a Professional Account

By Michelle Bizzell, February 09, 2015

In part one of this series, we talked about how to set up a professional Twitter account. That account we set up was missing something big. It had no tweets! Now it's time to start using that Twitter account to improve our careers.

3 Things You Need to Know About Traffic Scoring

By Shannon Sysko, February 06, 2015

Traffic scoring isn’t a universal system and understanding it can be confusing. Especially when you’re working with more than one company, because each score is different.

The Problem Solver: Joe Rodichok

By Shannon Sysko, February 05, 2015

This Employee Spotlight turns to one of our first employees, IT Manager Joe Rodichok. Joe doesn’t like to be on camera, but we coaxed him to tell us more about his current projects.

Can Twitter Improve Your Career? Creating a Professional Account

By Michelle Bizzell, February 04, 2015

You might already be using Twitter for pet pictures and TV show tweets. Personal accounts are lots of fun. But Twitter can be about more than fun and games. According to Twitter, they have 284 million monthly active users. With that many people using it, professionals from virtually every industry are tweeting. So, shouldn't you have a professional account? It might be the best thing you could do for your career.