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3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Search Volume (And Why You Should)

By Melissa Duko, October 30, 2015

Some say search volume no longer matters, that now it’s all about quality and conversions. While quality and conversions are important, so is keyword search volume.

6 of the Best PPC and Pay per Call Landing Pages

By Marty Schneck, October 28, 2015
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

Landing pages will make or break your ad campaign.

The Overlooked Value of Pay per Call Advertising [Infographic]

By Marty Schneck, October 26, 2015

The star of today’s digital marketing arena is pay per click advertising. When someone wants to advertise on the internet, they run straight to Google, Bing, or another ad center to buy PPC ads.

Why You Should Focus on These 4 Call Metrics

By Melissa Duko, October 23, 2015

Pay per call advertising is on a hot streak. Mobile is driving calls, and advertisers are recognizing the value of pay per call. Pay per call provides better engagement, which in turn results in higher conversion rates. And it can be cost-effective, too.

How to Use Exact Match and Broad Match to Your Advantage

By Melissa Duko, October 21, 2015

Exact match and broad match are the Olsen twins of PPC advertising. While both are match types, how they match is as different as night and day.

How to Knock Ad Fraud out of the Programmatic Funnel

By Michelle Brammer, October 19, 2015

Ad fraud is a constant battle for advertisers, agencies, and publishers alike. We’ve seen who commits online advertising fraud and where it hides, but how do we get rid of it with the rise of programmatic advertising? In short, you don’t, but there are ways to help mitigate the damage.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Pay Per Call

By Amber Tiffany, October 14, 2015

Look, we’re not saying you’re lazy; we just know how valuable your time is. With that said, expanding your digital marketing efforts to include phone calls doesn’t have to be a complicated process that consumes all of your time and energy. Pay per call platforms (like Invoca) make it easy to bring phone calls to any affiliate or CPA marketing program.

Do You Know How to Network at a Trade Show?

By Michelle Brammer, October 09, 2015

Trade show season is perfect for catching up with old pals and current contacts, but how do you squeeze the most out of a relatively short event? Before you know it, you’ll be jetting off to the next conference, over and over until the season ends.

Online Fraud and the Sneaky Places It Hides

By Michelle Brammer, October 05, 2015

In part one of our online advertising fraud series, we learned that advertisers waste over $6 billion a year in fraudulent advertising spend. Fraudulent accounts are abundant, and with good reasons: there are no rules, no consequences, and no regulations for their actions. 

Too Big to Fail: The Death of the Keyword [Infographic]

By Marty Schneck, October 02, 2015

Keywords are everything in PPC advertising. Hell, keywords are the lifeblood of search engine marketing entirely. We rely on keywords to target consumers. They give us the best understanding of what the user wants to get from their search. Without keywords, what would we do?