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So, You Want to Be a Top PPC Account Manager?

By Alexa Matia, December 18, 2015

With the rise in pay per click advertising, the need has also grown for PPC specialists to manage the growing number of accounts.

The 4 Types of Call Advertising You Need to Know About

By Marty Schneck, December 16, 2015

There are countless reasons why you should invest in a pay per call ad campaign. We continue to drive home the idea that pay per call has untapped, overlooked value for all businesses. But even if you decide to get started -- then what?

How to Combat Pay per Call Fraud

By Melissa Duko, December 14, 2015

Ad fraud: a buzzword that sends advertisers and publishers into a tailspin. While click and display fraud have been plaguing the industry for decades, pay per call advertising is growing increasingly lucrative, and fraudsters want a piece of that pie, too. Pay per call fraud can cost you money, time, and leads.

4 Grammar Crimes You Need to Stop Committing Immediately

By Melissa Duko, December 11, 2015

Grammar, whether you love it or hate it, plays an integral role in providing clarity and structure to communication.

4 Ways Advertising Agencies Can Protect Themselves From Click Fraud

By Eli Martin, December 10, 2015

Click fraud, a type of pay-per-click internet fraud, is becoming more robust within the digital marketing landscape. Click fraud happens when users -- or bots -- intentionally click on a link with the purpose of charging someone for the click. Often times, they have no interest in the end result, causing a catastrophic impact on agencies, eating away at client budgets and negatively impacting performance.

How to Use Dayparting to Get the Most out of Call Advertising

By Alexa Matia, December 09, 2015

There’s a reason that daytime TV is filled with soap operas, and nighttime TV brings the juicy dramas and sneaky twists. Television stations adjust their programming throughout the day to meet the needs of the audience. That’s called dayparting, and it’s a strategy that can be used for more than just TV shows.

5 of the Best Ways to Brand Your Big Business

By Melissa Duko, December 07, 2015

Last month, we highlighted some of the best ways to brand your small business. This month we’re delving into how big businesses cultivate their strong corporate brand identity.

How PPC Agencies Price Their Services, and How to Know What's Best

By Melissa Duko, December 04, 2015

We’ve all been there. Open up a bill and feel our stomach drop as we experience sticker shock. No one likes high cost surprises, especially when you haven’t budgeted for them.