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Why You Need Social Media Advertising in a Mobile-First World

By Alexa Matia, February 29, 2016

There are two things you can be sure of in today’s mobile world: Social media is booming, and most people use more than one device to browse the web.

3 Things Advertisers Need to Do to Be TCPA Compliant

By Melissa Duko, February 26, 2016

Since 1991 consumers have been able to eat their meals in peace, for the most part, thanks to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

4 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral Easier

By Melissa Duko, February 24, 2016

Viral. One word, many views. Nowadays, every advertiser wants viral content. They hear that a Kardashian video got over a million views, and want to replicate that same level of exposure for their brand.

Why Social Media Is the New Way to Shop on Mobile

By Alexa Matia, February 22, 2016

Social sites are dominating the time spent on mobile devices, and they can be used for far more than just being social. Many retailers are using social media to engage with customers and showcase their products. With highly anticipated call-to-action buttons now widely available, social media is also going commercial.

How to Master Geotargeting in Your Call Campaign

By Alexa Matia, February 19, 2016

Picture this: You’re hungry and craving some pizza right outside eZanga headquarters in Middletown, Delaware. So, you pick up your phone, search for “pizza in Middletown,” and hit enter. To your delight, the top ad listed is for one of your favorite pizza chains, which you didn’t know had come to Delaware.

How to Use Slang to Boost Your Brand

By Melissa Duko, February 17, 2016

Brands nowadays are trying to boost brand loyalty and engagement by being our “sassy pals” on social media. But filling our news feeds with “pancakes on fleek” or “these chicken strips tho” doesn’t always resonate with consumers. Sometimes a brand’s slang can come across as thirsty.

A Trip Through the Sales Funnel

By Marty Schneck, February 15, 2016

Kim wants to purchase a crib for her newborn daughter. She works a lot, so she’s dreading being shown model after model by an overeager salesperson at the store. To save time, Kim figures she’ll pick out the crib on her own.

How to Boost Your Lead Generation With Cross Platform Marketing

By Eli Martin, February 12, 2016

Today’s customers aren’t only smartphone or only desktop people; they’re multi-device people.

7 Tips for Delightful Customer Service on Social Media

By Alexa Matia, February 10, 2016

These days, pretty much everyone is on social media. 73% of Americans have a social network profile. There are many people who find social media to be the easiest way to contact a company or service. In 2013, more than 67% of respondents to a survey said they’d contacted a company through social media for support.

How to Make the Most of Your Images in SEO

By Alexa Matia, February 08, 2016

Optimizing your website for SEO doesn’t mean just throwing a few relevant keywords in here and there. It means you’re doing everything possible to ensure your site will be displayed high on organic search results.

How Marketers Use Behavioral Advertising to Stalk You

By Michelle Brammer, February 05, 2016

Stalking: to pursue or approach stealthily.

Search vs. Display: Everything You Need to Know

By Alexa Matia, February 03, 2016

The first steps of setting up your online marketing campaign are critical. Not all leads are created equal, and not all viewers are interested. It’s important to take that into consideration when deciding who you want to reach and how.

How to Look Beyond the Negative Reviews

By Melissa Duko, February 01, 2016

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into your company, only to receive a two-star Yelp rating. Ouch.