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Caroline Moore a former eZanga Content Marketing Intern. You can often find her singing groovy tunes, Netflix-ing (it’s a verb), or meandering Main Street in search of a great chai latte, preferably iced. Check her out on LinkedIn.

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10 PPC Tests to Try on Your Next Campaign

By Caroline Moore, April 28, 2015

You know that ad testing is important for PPC campaign optimization. We covered the basics here. So now I’m sure you’re pros on that stuff.

Be the Best at AdWords Keyword Bidding

By Caroline Moore, April 23, 2015

Bidding on keywords is a bit different than heading to a cattle-auction, listening to the auctioneer rattle off words and numbers at an alarming speed and raising a paddle to signal what you want.

Marketing Matchmaker: How to Nurture a Lead in 10 Ways

By Caroline Moore, January 16, 2015

You learned about prospects, leads, and opportunities in our first Marketing Matchmaker post. Now the Marketing Matchmaker is back, and bringing you some tips on nurturing your leads into conversions!

A Quick Guide to Display Advertising

By Caroline Moore, January 09, 2015

We talk a lot about search advertising here on the eZanga Articles, but what about display advertising? Is it a good choice for your company?

A/B and Multivariate Testing: Tests You’ll Actually Want to Take

By Caroline Moore, December 16, 2014

Ad testing. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The internet told you to do it. Your boss told you to do it. We told you to do it.

6 Tips for Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your PPC Strategy

By Caroline Moore, December 11, 2014

Remember those long-tail keywords? The future of search! The more focused and specific keyword variety!

Improving Your Bounce Rate - How Low Can You Go?

By Caroline Moore, December 01, 2014

Bounce rate. It sounds kind of fun, right? Like a moonbounce or something.

Marketing Smart: The Legal Stuff

By Caroline Moore, November 19, 2014

In the marketing world, there are rules for what you can and can’t do. These rules are used to make sure companies market fairly and treat customers with respect. But many of you may not know what these regulations are, where they come from, or what the heck they’re talkin’ about.

What's ROI: A Simple Solution to Measuring Profitability

By Caroline Moore, November 12, 2014

Sometimes when evaluating your marketing campaign, you just need a quick way to tell if your ads are leading to and directly impacting the success of your business.

Marketing Matchmaker: Prospects, Leads, and Opportunities

By Caroline Moore, November 05, 2014

So here’s the deal. In marketing, you’re trying to get people to do business with you. The ultimate goal.

Ad Impressions: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

By Caroline Moore, October 29, 2014

You all know what ads are. You see them all over the place in tons of different formats. You use them to advertise for your products and services. But what’s an ad impression?