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Introduction to Twitter Lists

By Jade Hammond, April 29, 2013

My personal Twitter account doesn't necessarily have a large network, I follow a mere 314 users. Yet I'm still overwhelmed with content as I scroll through my stream throughout the day.

The Ingredients to Tasty Search Engine Optimization [Infographic]

By Jade Hammond, April 22, 2013

Search engine optimization is a process that needs to be handled with care, much like grilling up a large, tasty, succulent burger. (Tweet this)

You will reap the benefits of SEO if you take the time to gather all the right ingredients, let it marinate, and cook it to perfection. On the flip side, SEO can be overdone and cooked completely wrong.

4 Apps for More Productive Professional Networking Events

By Jade Hammond, April 05, 2013

How Do Search Engines Discover Your Web Page?

By Jade Hammond, February 22, 2013

Think about how many times each day you use a search engine. It's probably a lot more than you realize. Have you ever thought about exactly how Google can come up with 154,000,000 websites related to "soda" in less than a quarter of a second?! Probably not.

5 More Online Advertising Predictions for 2013

By Jade Hammond, January 23, 2013

We may have already made a few predictions for online advertising in 2013, focusing on larger trends that we'll see this year. We've also tried to use our crystal ball on mobile marketing and shared Imforza's SEO predictions. But this is going to be a big year for online marketing, so it's not unreasonable to expect that we have a few more hypotheses for the industry this year. So, here are five more predictions for the future of online advertising: