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Michelle Brammer is the former Director of Marketing for Anura. Her unique background includes over 14 years of brand marketing, strategy, analytics, operations, and multi-channel experience, and she’s firmly rooted in client success and engagement. She is passionate about teaching youth about the digital advertising space and perfecting inbound marketing and social media efforts. Michelle’s thoughts on marketing, advertising, and social media have been published on Forbes, Convince & Convert, iMedia Connection, Bulldog Reporter, MediaPost, PRNewswire, and Fierce Pharma. Michelle is a graduate of Miami University and holds a degree in Marketing and Family Studies. Prior to Anura, Michelle held management positions with Frito-Lay, Dominion Enterprises, and Genji in both sales and marketing capacities. In her spare time, she’s a cheer mom to two young girls, loves watching the Ohio State Buckeyes, and occasionally has time to pick up a good book and relax.

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What Works, and What Doesn't, When Advertising to the Young and Old

By Michelle Brammer, March 14, 2017

Take a look around your living room during a family gathering. What do you see? Grandma and Grandpa watching an old movie? The grandkids glued to their iPads and snapchatting selfies? Your brothers and sisters playing cards at the table while posting family photos to Facebook? Everyone uses technology differently, but there are some generational similarities you can lean upon.

All That Noise: The Generational Impact of Digital Advertising

By Michelle Brammer, September 29, 2016


The Dirty Truth About Call Tracking and What Every Marketer Wants You to Know

By Michelle Brammer, June 02, 2016

To get aggressive with their advertising efforts, marketers are turning to pay per call advertising to push their agendas. A phone call has always been coveted, but honing in on the types of phone calls needed takes a bit of practice and tracking.

Display Advertising: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

By Michelle Brammer, April 29, 2016

Digital advertising commands large portions of ad spend, and it appears 2016 will be the breakout year when digital display ad spending finally surpasses search ad spend in the U.S. So, why does that matter? Well, if you’re only focusing on your search strategy and ignoring display, you’d be remiss to know your competitors are pulling ahead of you.

How Marketers Use Behavioral Advertising to Stalk You

By Michelle Brammer, February 05, 2016

Stalking: to pursue or approach stealthily.

How to Sabotage Your Success

By Michelle Brammer, November 30, 2015

What is success? For some, it's a feeling you get when you’ve done the best you can and you feel good about the outcome. For others, it's something tangible, materialistic, or concrete like a bigger house, better car, or grander vacations. No matter how you define success, it’s an all-around great feeling we all strive to have.

Need to Be Creative? Think Like a Preschooler

By Michelle Brammer, November 20, 2015

Preschoolers have an awesome to-do list for the day: play, have a snack, learn, see a friend, eat lunch, take a long nap, do some art, and go home with adults who cater to their every need.

An eZanga Survey Finds 37% of Marketers Are Unsure About Where Ad Fraud Originates

By Michelle Brammer, November 18, 2015

Ad fraud. It’s a dirty phrase our industry just can’t seem to shake. It’s sneaky, outwardly hiding in some of the most transparent of places and sometimes it’s right out there in the open. But, as out in the wild as we believe it to be, you might be surprised how many marketers are unsure of the true effects of ad fraud on their business long term.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Display Advertising

By Michelle Brammer, November 13, 2015

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Digital advertising is the crux of this adage. Advertisers have a very small window to capture a viewer’s attention, and display advertising allows these advertisers to draw in users by placing images and messages on websites where they’re already present.

Pay per Call Advertising: Is Your Call Center Working for You?

By Michelle Brammer, November 04, 2015

Pay per call advertising can be an excellent complement to any advertising campaign. The calls generated may be more expensive per lead, but each lead has a higher likelihood of converting into a sale.

How to Knock Ad Fraud out of the Programmatic Funnel

By Michelle Brammer, October 19, 2015

Ad fraud is a constant battle for advertisers, agencies, and publishers alike. We’ve seen who commits online advertising fraud and where it hides, but how do we get rid of it with the rise of programmatic advertising? In short, you don’t, but there are ways to help mitigate the damage.