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7 Steps to Master the Google Display Network

By WordStream, May 12, 2015

Starting this blog post on Halloween took me back to the days of wandering up and down the streets of my childhood neighborhood. At the ages of seven, eight, and nine my neighbors and I were perfectly content with collecting Skittles, Starbursts, and giant candy bars from the house on the corner (that lady was the best). But as the years passed we yearned for more. We started branching out to the surrounding neighborhoods, even pleading with our parents to drive us to houses past walking...

21 Tips for Writing Great Ad Headlines

By WordStream, April 08, 2015

Great ad headlines are like the flashy displays you see in store windows every day. They’re there to stop you in your tracks, make you picture yourself owning whatever it is they’re selling, and force you to cross the psychological threshold and walk into the store to buy it.

5 Reasons to Never Use AdWords Automatic Bidding

By WordStream, March 18, 2015

Many things that seem too good to be true actually are. Candy corn flavored Oreos, Pop Rocks martinis, and classifying pizza as a serving of vegetables are a few such things that could make the long list. One more to add to that list would be AdWords Automatic Bidding.