Freelancing: The Way to a Millennial's Heart

By Ashlee Dixon, October 31, 2017

Hmm Jenny didn’t show up to work today. Matt quit his $80,000 paying job he landed two months after graduating college. Lisa has been tuning out more than usual. What’s going on?


Shh, did you hear that? That sound whispering in your Millennial co-workers’ ears. The forbidden fruit. The path no other generation has ventured down more until now.

Looks like your co-workers have been bitten by the freelance bug.

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The world of freelancing is mysterious and beckoning to Millennials. It offers freedom and spontaneity. How can one possibly turn away from such an opportunity?

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The temptation freelancing possesses for Millennials isn’t that different from the temptation Elena experiences in The Vampire Diaries. Here’s why.   

Traditional Is Safe

Remember when Elena fell for handsome Stefan in the beginning of the series? He was the ‘good guy.’ Besides his vampire tendencies to eat people. But come on, he was the safer one out of the Salvatore brothers.


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It was the classic high school love story that could have ended happily ever after (besides the mystical vampire part).

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Think of Stefan as the classic 9 to 5 job. Your Millennial co-workers graduate college and finally land their first job. It’s safe and it’s traditional. It’s the path their parents raised them to follow. You can’t make anything of yourself without getting that 9-5 job, right?


Then the whispers make their way to the Millennial.

Did you hear Matt left his job to freelance? Yeah, he’s literally writing about his travels around the world.

They can’t comprehend it: Wait, what?

Getting paid to travel the world? It’s impossible. It has to be. How can you make money without a real job? What about health insurance?

But freedom...

Freelancing Is Freedom

That’s right, the mysterious Damon is going to play the role of freelancing. His alluring ‘bad boy’ persona tempts Elena away from her safe protector, Stefan.

Damon temptation.gif

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At first it’s easy to shut down the temptation. Freelancing offers no safety net. You’re on your own. While traveling and working on your own time seems appealing, the what ifs are too strong to stray away from your ‘real’ job.

So the Millennial wade's their feet in a little. Just a little dabble. An article here and there. It can’t hurt to earn a little extra cash on the side, right?

But then, the Millennial has had a taste of the dark side.

Freelancing Satisfies the Millennial Mindset

Once Elena let’s Damon in her heart, there’s no going back to ‘safe.’ The same can be said for the Millennial. You can’t expect your Millennial co-workers or employees to play it safe forever.

The freedom is too alluring to deny.

You don’t need to be a seasoned writer or designer to jump on the freelancing wagon. Two to five years experience required for entry level? Pshh. For those looking to build their portfolio, gain experience, and make decent money, freelancing is a great option for young Millennials.


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Not to mention, the world of freelancing has never been as easily accessible as it is now. With sites like Upwork and Toptal, Millennials can find freelancing jobs in a matter of minutes.

But these aren’t the only ways Millennials are becoming their own boss. The highest paying jobs in the ‘gig economy’ are Airbnb, Lyft, and TaskRabbit if you want to diversify your skillset.

With the extra income and the opportunity to be your own boss, freelancing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, if at all. So, why not take advantage of it?

Incorporate the Millennial Lifestyle in Your Business

Elena loved both Salvatore brothers. Maybe romantic relationships don’t work the same as corporate life and freelancing, considering she ended up with Damon.

But, you can try mixing both work types into your business.

Salvatore brothers.gif

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Try giving your employees some work from home days. Or even hire freelancers for smaller jobs. You could save money. No full time employees = no benefits.

You don’t have to lose all your Millennial employees, but you should adapt to their way of working.

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