How to Market to the Bleisure Traveler

By Ashlee Dixon, June 01, 2017

Like the employees in The Circle, you’ve probably experienced the delicate balancing act of performing technology-based work and attempting to take a vacation. But it isn’t easy to unplug from the matrix. As the lines between work and personal life continue to blur, a new type of consumer is emerging: the bleisure traveler.

The concept is simple: you’re on a business trip and finish your meetings a day early. What do you do now? You incorporate your business traveling with leisure traveling and voilà, you now have bleisure traveling.

While the concept of mixing business with pleasure is nothing new, bleisure traveling is experiencing a resurgence with marketers. So, how exactly do you market to these bleisure travelers? Well, I’m here to give you the down low.

Tempt With Local Only Products  

Go to any convenience store and you’re sure to see a variety of Hershey’s candy. There isn’t much incentive to purchase an $8 bag of Kit Kats plus sales tax while traveling when you can purchase them tax-free in Delaware, until now.

This summer Hershey’s is launching special edition candy bars honoring six American states. Each will have a different-themed candy bar that you can only purchase in that state.

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Let’s say you live in New York and are attending a business conference in California. You spot California’s limited edition strawberry Kit Kat bar. Can you resist the temptation to break off a piece of that strawberry Kit Kat bar? Likely not.  


Source: Mashable

And that’s not all. Hershey has another clever marketing trick up their sleeve. Turns out the California Strawberry Festival is a huge event during the summer in California. Not only have you just sunk your teeth into a delicious Kit Kat, you’ve found something to do during your day off.

Bam, just like that, now you’re researching a day at the Strawberry Festival. Score for Hershey’s, score for California tourism.

Make Flying More Efficient

Don’t get too excited, I’m not about to go off on a United Airlines rant. Although that would be quite entertaining. No, today we’re focusing on Delta Airlines.

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But we’re not focusing on Delta’s ‘Family kicked off a flight for refusing to remove their child from a seat they paid forincident. Surprisingly, we’re shedding some good light on Delta and their new Innovative Class, which allows passengers to network on the fly. Take a look:



Thanks to Delta, you don’t have to wait to land to “wrap up a deal.” After all, a bleisure traveler still needs to be able to work.

Bring the Office to the Airbnb

Airbnb, where you can book homes and experience the culture of a city the right way, has recently decided to cater to the bleisure traveler.

And we’re impressed.


Source: Airbnb

Airbnb amenities for the business traveler are as follows: Wi-Fi, laptop-friendly workshops, and self check-in. Since taking the bleisure traveler into consideration, Airbnb has grown their number of business travel-ready listings to more than 150,000 globally. That’s a lot.

Another enticing feature is their payment option ‘Charge to company.’ And by booking a work trip, you even receive a $50 credit to use on your next trip.

Other Helpful Tips

Now that you have the basics, don’t forget to also apply these best practices:

Email. If a business traveler is booking a room for a conference under corporate rate programs, send emails tempting them to extend their stay. They might not be thinking about extending at the time of booking, but as they wrap up their visit, they may be more willing to stick around for another day or two.

Capitalize on Events. If you know you have business travelers coming to your area during an event (e.g. The Strawberry Festival), why not capitalize on it? You could even keep a display of those strawberry Kit Kats in your lobby, too.

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Geotargeting. Once bleisure travelers are within your location, geotarget them. This is especially important to the small business owners who rely on travelers to keep their shops alive. Just don’t forget to turn off the retargeting once they leave.

Traveling for business and leisure is a Millennial trend worth capitalizing on. Your company will thrive and your employees will be grateful and loyal.

Hey, you’ll even be thankful when the time for your bleisure trip comes around. All business and no play is an equation for unhappiness.

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Surf the waves of the trends and you’ll stay golden Ponyboy.

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Ashlee Dixon

Ashlee Dixon

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