How to Reel in Leads With Your Landing Pages

By Ashlee Dixon, March 16, 2017

Digital advertising is a lot like fishing. You’re searching for that big fish. Your rod might be pay per click (PPC), pay per call, or display, and your ad is the bait. But once you’ve “hooked” your fish (ahem consumer), how do you reel them in? With landing pages.

A landing page is designed to give your visitors something they’re seeking. It could be a subscription to a blog, or an ebook. You’re giving them an incentive to fill out that form, so you can reel them in and convert them into a customer.

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Source: Inbound

To ensure they don’t get off the hook, make your landing page irresistible by including these five essential components.

1. Eye-Catching Headline

Not only should your headline reflect the offer, but it should also be memorable and unique. Get creative with your headline. Use hyperbole, alliteration, sound bites, anything that makes a visitor take notice.

My personal favorite is this landing page from “On the internet, anything goes” isn’t only completely accurate, it’s enticing because it’s the root of a problem many businesses are suffering from.

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Source: TheDailyEgg

2. Short and Sweet Copy

Have you ever had a friend tell you a story that seemed to drag on so long you wanted to scream, “Get to the point!” Well, the same goes for landing pages.

Include the offer details and benefits, but remember keep it concise. Also format using bullet points and numbered lists for quick skimming.



Remember attention spans are short these days. The quicker the visitor can absorb the info, the faster they’ll make a decision to fill in your form.

3. Visuals or Video

Everything looks better with visuals. Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed. You probably fly past a text-only tweet, but linger on the one with a visual. Why? Visuals are more engaging.

Place a captivating picture of your product or a video showing how your product works. This could be the deciding factor for your visitors to complete your form. Here, Salesgenie includes a demo video on their landing page.


Source: Instapage

Visitors get to see Salesgenie in action, before filling out the form for a free three-day trial. Pretty savvy.

4. Persuasive Call-to-Action

A basic ‘submit button’’ CTA just isn’t going to cut it. This goes for all CTA’s, so be specific! If you’re offering a subscription to a blog, inject a sense of urgency with ‘Subscribe Today!’ Your visitors need to know the second they give you their information, they’ll be receiving something in return, immediately.

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Netflix is great at making an offer you can’t refuse. Here, not only can you watch anywhere, you can cancel at anytime. And you get a free month trial. Who could refuse such a sweet deal?


Source: HubSpot

Plus, once they’re hooked, it’s likely that person will share on social your amazing offer. Winning.  

5. Concise Contact Form

Your visitors don’t want to spend time filling out a lengthy form. Keep form fields to a minimum by focusing on the most pertinent questions. The average form consists of four fields to fill out. If you ask for more, you risk irritating your visitors, which will end in them exiting your landing page.

Don’t go there, trust me!


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You also want to place the contact form above the fold. Ideally it should be at the top of the page where visitors don’t need to scroll to find it. This way it’s one of the first things to catch their attention.

So, there you have it: the basic components for an irresistible landing page. Now that your landing page is in good shape, why not indulge in some actual fishing?   

Just make sure the ice is thawed first, or you’ll end up like this cat. Bummer.  

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