PPC: How to Keep Customers for the Long Haul

By Ashlee Dixon, November 10, 2016

So you’ve finally closed the deal, congratulations! But don’t move onto greener pastures just yet.

Converting a lead into a customer isn't the end of your journey. Actually, it’s just the beginning. With PPC, think of it as a relationship. A lot of people are all about the chase. Then, when they finally have the person; they stop trying. It doesn’t work in romantic relationships, and it sure doesn’t work in business ones either!

More work. Just what you wanted to hear. But the good news is, the work it takes to keep a customer is a lot cheaper than the cost to acquire a new one.

Even better news: here are some helpful tips to keep customers coming back.

Be the Cookie Monster

Stuffing your face with cookies is fun. So is stuffing your website with cookies, too.


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Cookies are small files a website drops onto a computer’s hard drive. They tell advertisers how often a customer visits a website’s pages, which information interests them, their recent purchases, etc. Depending on your needs, there are persistent cookies, session cookies, and tracking cookies.

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Let’s say you’re American Eagle and you have a customer who popped a winter jacket into their cart, but never completed the purchase. A persistent cookie will make sure that jacket is still waiting in their cart the next day.

Meanwhile a tracking cookie will track a customer’s internet activity and record it. For example, a Kohl’s customer searches denim jacket. At the top of the search results, “magically” is a PPC ad for Kohl’s.


Cookies are great for being there when it’s crucial. But don’t get too carried away!

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As the saying goes, ‘sometimes too much of anything is bad.’ And in this case, inundating consumers with ads can be negative for your brand. No worries, that’s why frequency caps were invented.

Don’t Over-Saturate the Consumer

Have you ever spent so much time with a person that you’ve gotten sick of them? Or maybe you’ve had too much of a certain type of food that you ‘loved’ and now can’t stand to look at it?


Source: ExactDrive

It happens all the time… Except maybe with cookies (the edible kind). Thankfully, in the advertising world there’s a solution for this problem.

A frequency cap allows you to control how often your PPC ads are shown to a consumer. Depending on your business and your specific consumer, your frequency cap may need to be set for a couple times a day, week, or even month.

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Knowing how to set your frequency cap will take time. Like many components of PPC, it takes some testing.


Source: WordStream

Remember, you don’t want to be too forward and suffocating with your ads, but you also don’t want your consumer to forget about your brand.

Use Email to Deliver Personalization

Email is another great way to get your customers to continue purchasing from your business. And it melds perfectly with identity-based PPC ads. Advertisers can use targeted email lists to serve relevant ads to consumers. And email marketers can use info gathered from tracking cookies to deliver emails that contain personalized:

  • New Products. Highlight new products that are relevant to your target audience. Perhaps you’re targeting new moms with the latest baby accessories.
  • Coupons and Deals. Promote deals and offer coupons to direct them back to your site (e.g. 25% off fall boots).

By sending your customers emails that are personalized, you are building trust. And sending coupons and current deals ties back into being there when they need you.

Consider this scenario: you’re an appliance store. A long-time customer of yours needs a new microwave. (Their child decided to “cook” a fork. Uh oh.) They’re strapped for cash at the moment, but desperately need a replacement. They remember an email offering a special payment plan for loyal customers just in time for holiday shopping.

The customer immediately gets online and orders a similar model from your site. Thanks to your savvy email deal, now you’ve got an appreciative customer, and just scored a sale.


Use PPC to draw consumers in, and keep them by employing these three tips. Always be there when they need you, and even when they don’t. But remember the fine line - never be there in abundance.


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Ashlee Dixon

Ashlee Dixon

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