Top 5 Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

By Brandon Leibowitz, June 20, 2017

Need help driving sales for your ecommerce store? With the right tools, you can enhance your sales strategy and get more people to buy from you.

Whether it’s building trust by collecting more reviews or turning shoppers into loyal customers by rewarding them, these Shopify apps can help boost your ecommerce sales.

1. Get Genuine User-Generated Content With Yotpo

Before making an online purchase, you likely read reviews from other customers first. Your customers do the same thing when they’re planning to buy from your ecommerce store.

Online reviews are crucial for building trust with your audience and convincing them to make a purchase. According to Moz, 67.7% of purchasing decisions are impacted by online reviews.

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It’s essential to collect more reviews if you want to boost your ecommerce sales. And Yotpo can help you with just that. With Yotpo, automatically send out emails with in-mail review forms, which make it easier for customers to leave their reviews.


Source: Shopify

The app also lets you display your top reviews and ratings on your social media pages. You can even use it to generate questions and answers that shoppers can use for guidance. Or collect and showcase photos submitted by your customers as a form of visual marketing.


Source: Adore Me

Ecommerce stores like MVMT Watches have seen impressive results from using Yotpo. Since using the Shopify app, the brand has received 5,000 five-star reviews and sold 100,000 watches. They’ve also collected 1,350 questions and answers to help prospective customers. Not bad.

2. Personalize Shopping Experiences With Nosto

62% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that gives them relevant or personalized content. And 58% of consumers are more likely to make purchases from a retailer that recommends products according to their preferences or past purchases.

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These numbers point to one thing: personalization is essential for boosting ecommerce sales. And if you want to provide your shoppers with a more personalized experience, you can rely on Nosto. This app enables you to display the most relevant product recommendations based on each customer’s behavior.

You can also send out personalized emails triggered automatically by a customer’s behavior. Nosto can even display personalized behavioral pop-ups, which can prevent people from abandoning your site.


 Source: Shopify

Retailers like The Iconic use Nosto to deliver personalized recommendations to their shoppers. Customers who click on these recommendations are twice as likely to convert and spend twice the money than customers who don’t click. Since using Nosto product recommendations, they’ve seen a significant increase in revenue.

3. Drive Repeat Purchases Using

According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, consumers love rewards. 66% rather spend more just so they can earn more loyalty points, and 73% recommend brands that have good loyalty programs. And there’s no same in their coupon game: 60% of mobile coupon users will switch brands just so they can use a coupon.

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Based on these stats, it’s crucial to set up a valuable rewards program to boost customer loyalty and drive more sales. The Shopify app is a great tool to create rewards programs that you and your customers can benefit from.

With, you can design any type of rewards program (e.g. points, referrals, or VIP programs). Rewards can be based on certain actions taken by your customers. For instance, you can enable them to collect points for every purchase and social share.

Source: Shopify

BottleKeeper used to design an effective rewards program that resulted in a massive increase in sales with repeat purchases increasing by 300% and conversion rate increasing by 13%.

4. Make Searches Simpler With Findify

For people to buy your products, they have to find them first. So, when they land on your homepage, they’ll ideally go to your search box to find what they’re looking for. And it’s your job to provide them with relevant and accurate results based on their search query. This is where the Findify Shopify app can help you.

The app uses machine learning to discover what your customers really want, continuously making improvements based on the unique shopping behavior of your customers. It provides autocomplete suggestions and displays product matches, making it easier for your customers to find what they need.


 Source: Shopify

Findify also allows your customers to filter their search results by color, size, brand, etc. By using Findify, Mexico-based pet supply store Pet n’GO increased their conversion rate by 35%.

5. Reward Shoppers Using Swell

Like, Swell is also an app that lets you reward customers for certain actions. You can offer rewards for spending more, making more purchases, creating an account, or even writing a review for purchases.


Source: Shopify

With Swell, you can further customize your rewards programs, making it even more relevant for your customers. For instance, KidsShoes, used Swell to create a program where customers earn reward points if they size their kids’ feet through their website.

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They also offered rewards for creating an account, referring their friends, and interacting with the brand on social media. After implementing their rewards program, the ecommerce store managed to drive plenty of engagements among their customers. They saw their ROI increase five times within just three months.


If you’re looking to improve customer engagement, consider giving these top five Shopify apps a try. By enhancing your customers’ experiences, in turn, you’ll be increasing your ecommerce sales. What have you got to lose? 

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