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How to Request a New Display Campaign Set Up

By Melissa Duko, November 05, 2015

Display advertising is a powerful tool to have in your advertising arsenal. When done right, it’s not only visually appealing to customers, it’s a cost effective way to get your ad noticed on websites.

How to Set Up Your AdPad Account

By Melissa Duko, October 15, 2015

Welcome! Now that you’ve decided to advertise with eZanga, the next step is to set up your AdPad® account.

Time Is Money. Save More With These 6 AdPad Features

By Megan Ingenbrandt, June 25, 2015

At eZanga, we know time is money and you don’t want either of those to go to waste. That’s why we like to make PPC easy for you. Our campaign management system, eZanga AdPad®, is designed with the user in mind, allowing you to manage several campaigns from one tab.